Born in Stockton, California in 1977, Domenick studied acting in Seattle at University of Washington, where he met writer-director, Jun Wakabayashi. They collaboarted on the short film, "Mission: Pimpossible", which went on to win Special Producer Award at MediaFest 98.

After graduating, Domenick moved to Los Angeles where he worked on numerous projects such as stage productions, TV, music videos, and numerous independent films. He was part of the Attic Theatre for three years where he served on the Board of Directors as the Literary Manager.

In 2003, he had a role in an independent feature film, "Breathe", which was screened at Toronto International Film Festival. Currently, he is a member of the improv comedy company "Slow Children at Play" based in L.A.

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Domenick Dicce
Domenick Dicce
ドミニック・ディーシー / "ジョン" 役  
1977年 アメリカ・カリフォルニア州生まれ。

1998年ワシントン大学演劇部在学中、MediaFest スペシャルプロデューサー賞受賞・若林ジュン監督作品、「MISSION: PIMPOSSIBLE」に主演。



現在ロサンゼルスの劇団 "Slow Children At Play"で活躍中。
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